5 Vital Ways To Help Your Landing Pages Start Boosting Conversions

A Landing Page Has One Simple Goal.​

That Is The Intention Of Persuading Your Target Market To Convert, And Take Meaningful Action.

The whole point of a landing page is to convert potential visitors into actual customers, or capture leads.

Businesses often wasted money on advertising campaigns without a dedicated landing page to convert users. But a landing page is more than just having a link on your website. It’s important to ensure you have the following 5 vital things needed to convert visitors into actual customers.

#1: A Value Proposition

A value proposition is basically an advertisement selling your company’s product or service in a short sentence that explains the benefits. The more benefits you can provide, the more enticing your value proposition. It should be front and centre of your landing page because it tells them why they should convert to your business and what they stand to gain by doing so.

Your value proposition defines what makes your product/service better than the alternative choice for prospective clients. This is the very first thing your potential customers are going to see on your landing page. Make it clear.

A good example of a value proposition is this one from Mint.com “Reach your goals with personalized insights, custom budgets, spend tracking, and subscription, monitoring—all for free.”

They show the benefits to their user’s with bold text and a sub-headline with more information provided below the fold, so there is less chance for users to miss or misunderstand their value proposition.

#2: A Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is the actual request you give your target audience to convert. It can be a button or link that tells them what they should do next. If there are no buttons on your landing page, it’s likely you’re not giving them an easy way of converting on your website.

The call-to-action should be simple, concise and above the fold (so they see it without scrolling down). It’s also important to make sure there is only one CTA message on your landing page because you want them to convert with no distractions.

The key to a successful CTA is to use a strong verb, such as “submit” or “start.” An effective call-to-action will be short, lacking words and easy to understand.

#3: Maintain Attention

It’s important to convert landing page visitors by getting their full attention. This is especially challenging if your landing page is longer than a few sentences or paragraphs.

Have you ever looked at your analytics and seen a high bounce rate? It may be that you’re losing your audience before they even think about converting. No one likes to read walls of text, which will actually have the opposite effect of what you want it to do.

Instead, use bullet points or short paragraphs that capture your audience’s attention in a scannable format.

Keeping the visitor’s attention on your product/service can be achieved through the use of an image, video, animation or anything that grabs their eyes and makes them stop. More on this next!

#4: Visuals

Visitors to your landing page are likely going to scan over the text, so you need to have visual elements that draw their eyes and guide them to converting. This includes images, video clips, animations and graphics.

Landing pages with effective visuals convert at a higher rate than those which don’t. In fact, it’s been proven that landing pages which use graphics convert at a rate of 2 to 3 times higher. Visuals are very important in landing pages because people process images much faster than they do words, which means it’s more likely for them to convert that way.

The right visuals can also help tell your story in a short amount of time, so users know exactly who you are and what you do or what you are selling. Images, graphics and videos are great for capturing attention, increasing the average time on page and therefore boosting conversions.

#5: Social Proof

Social proof is an easy way to convert people through showing that they are not the only ones who believe in your product/service. People like to convert when there are other people in their shoes who have already made the same decision.

Knowing that people convert on your landing page because it’s trustworthy, reliable and beneficial to them will help you convert more visitors into clients or customers! Social proof could come in the form of positive reviews, testimonials, logos of companies using your product/service or even social media shares.

A combination of these tactics will help convert more visitors into customers. When you have social proof, it’s like you are endorsing your product/service, which helps convert visitors into buyers.



A great landing page is your opportunity to convert visitors into customers or clients. A successful landing page will convert visitors using all five of these tactics – if your landing page lacks in any of these areas, try following and implementing these tips!

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