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Paul Clarke Director B2B Email Consultant

Paul Clarke

Managing Director

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James Warwick

Operations Director

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Tegan Mayes

Client Onboarding and Account Manager

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Lauren Spalding

Customer Success Manager

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Sandra Speicyte

Customer Success Manager

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Sophie May

Customer Success Assistant

In our ecosystem

Proven Concept was formed in 2012 with a vision of helping other companies like yours to achieve their biggest goals and ambitions through simple and effective marketing and lead generation services. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of aspiring brands and have developed a reputation as industry leaders in email lead generation. Our team’s vision holds more true today than it ever has and we are truly committed to positively changing the lives of our customers, one campaign at a time. “

“Our vision is to help as many small-to-medium sized businesses as possible to fulfil their biggest dreams & ambitions – by providing them with access to better marketing advice, experience and expertise, connecting them with more relevant business opportunities and supporting them in delivering the greatest possible value to their customers and workforces. “