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The B2B Email Lead Generation
Benchmark Statistics Report (2022)

Access the world’s leading study of B2B Email Lead Generation performance data.

The B2B Email Lead Generation Benchmark Statistics Report (2022) 1

Unlock the surprise insights gained from the world’s most comprehensive analysis of B2B email marketing campaigns in 2022; Over 10.5 million emails studied across 28 industries and 5 continents. 

How do your B2B email campaigns compare to your industry and service standard?

Discover your industry benchmarks across seven key metrics including delivery, bounce, open, reply, unsubscribe and lead % conversion rates.

Emails Sent








Exclusive insights around the most effective contact job titles to target.

Discover which decision-maker level delivers greatest impact.

Which teams and departments respond to most outreach emails?

Which countries generate best performance?

Deep learnings around the sectors generating best results.

See which business offerings perform best.

Learn how company size impacts reply rates.

How do top level domains (TLDs) compare to others?

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The B2B Email Lead Generation Benchmark Statistics (2022)

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