How Make Good Grow partnered with Proven Concept to receive 37 qualified leads in 10 weeks

Not for profit, Make Good Grow, hired Proven Concept to generate exclusive marketing qualified leads (MQLs), such as customer enquiries, meetings, and calls.

About Make Good Grow

Make Good Grow is an initiative that aims to connect businesses with social enterprises and non-profit organizations to create meaningful partnerships that drive social impact and business growth. The initiative is driven by the belief that businesses and social organizations can achieve greater success by working together to address shared social challenges.

Campaign Overview

In the dynamic landscape of the social impact sector, Make Good Grow, an initiative that connects businesses and social enterprises to foster meaningful collaborations, sought to enhance its lead generation efforts to fuel further growth. Recognizing the power of targeted cold email campaigns, the organization partnered with Proven Concept, a data-driven B2B cold email agency.

Challenges Prior to Collaboration

Prior to teaming up with Proven Concept, Make Good Grow faced challenges in generating high-quality leads through traditional marketing channels. Generic outreach and a lack of personalized messaging resulted in low open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, limiting the organization’s ability to connect with potential partners.

Proven Concept’s Data-Driven Approach

Proven Concept’s team of experts delved into Make Good Grow’s target audience, identifying decision-makers within key industries and understanding their specific needs and pain points. Leveraging this data, Proven Concept crafted a personalized outreach strategy that resonated with the target audience. The emails showcased Make Good Grow’s commitment to social impact and its ability to connect businesses with impactful partnerships.

Tailored Outreach and Engaged Messaging

Proven Concept’s team of seasoned copywriters crafted compelling email campaigns that resonated with Make Good Grow’s target audience. The emails were designed to pique interest, educate potential partners about the organization’s mission, and highlight the benefits of collaborating with Make Good Grow. The messaging was tailored to each target audience segment, ensuring that the emails were relevant and engaging for each recipient.

Remarkable Results: 37 Leads in 10 Weeks

The partnership between Make Good Grow and Proven Concept yielded exceptional results. In just 10 weeks, the campaign generated a remarkable 37 marketing qualified leads, representing a 230% increase over Make Good Grow’s previous lead generation efforts. The open rate stood at an impressive 18%, and the click-through rate reached a notable 5%, demonstrating the effectiveness of Proven Concept’s personalized outreach strategy.

Proven Concept’s Expertise Proves Invaluable

Proven Concept’s expertise in B2B cold email marketing played a pivotal role in Make Good Grow’s success. The agency’s data-driven approach, coupled with its engaging messaging, resonated with the target audience, resulting in a significant boost in qualified lead generation.

Sustainable Growth and Expanding Impact

The success of the campaign with Proven Concept has enabled Make Good Grow to establish a solid foundation for sustainable growth. The organization remains committed to leveraging Proven Concept’s expertise to continue expanding its network of partners and making a positive impact on the social impact sector.

B2B Email Lead Generation Specialists

Make Good Grow is committed to serving three key stakeholder groups:

Businesses: Make Good Grow connects businesses with social enterprises and non-profit organizations to create meaningful partnerships that drive social impact and business growth. By partnering with social organizations, businesses can gain access to new markets, develop innovative solutions, enhance their brand reputation, and improve employee engagement.

Social Enterprises and Non-Profit Organizations: Make Good Grow provides social enterprises and non-profit organizations with the opportunity to collaborate with businesses, access resources and expertise, and scale their impact. By partnering with businesses, social organizations can achieve their mission more effectively and help to create a more just and equitable society.

Community: Make Good Grow’s partnerships address social challenges and create positive change at a community level. By fostering meaningful collaborations, Make Good Grow helps to create a more prosperous and equitable society for all.

Proven Concept’s team meticulously crafted bespoke email campaigns that targeted our clients’ target audiences, highlighting the benefits of their services and inspiring customer inquiries. Our focus on personalized content and attention to detail ensured that these campaigns resonated with the audience, helping our clients achieve their marketing goals.

We meticulously dissected our campaign’s target audience, conducting extensive research to identify their specific needs and preferences. Based on this deep understanding, we devised a personalized segmentation strategy, tailoring our messaging and content to each audience group. This tailored approach, grounded in audience insights, amplified the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, driving measurable results and optimizing campaign performance. Our unwavering attention to detail ensured a high ROI for our clients.

Our team relentlessly optimizes our email marketing campaigns through A/B testing, meticulously evaluating different components like subject lines, email content, and calls-to-action to identify the most effective combinations. Our commitment to experimentation and innovation has been instrumental in unlocking the true potential of our marketing strategies and achieving remarkable results. We are driven by our accomplishments and unwavering passion for excellence, continuously seeking new ways to refine our approach and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our team swiftly provided our valued customer with near real-time reports, offering a treasure trove of insights into the performance of their campaigns. Our data-driven approach empowered our client with the actionable intelligence needed to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies for optimal results. The culmination of our dedicated efforts resulted in a substantial growth in our client’s campaign outcomes. We are immensely proud of our ability to drive impactful results for our clients. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with Woma Woma and assist them in achieving their marketing objectives.

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