How Valona Intelligence (Americas) partnered with Proven Concept to receive 113 qualified leads in 10 weeks

Valona Intelligence (Americas) hired Proven Concept to generate exclusive marketing qualified leads (MQLs), such as customer enquiries, meetings, and calls.

About Valona Intelligence

Valona Intelligence, formerly known as M-Brain, is a global market and competitive intelligence (CI) provider that helps businesses make informed decisions based on comprehensive and actionable insights. The company’s flagship platform, Valona Insights, utilizes a hybrid intelligence approach that combines AI with expert human analysis to filter through vast amounts of data and extract meaningful trends.

Campaign Overview

Valona Intelligence has successfully cemented its position as a renowned global market and competitive intelligence (CI) provider, by partnering with Proven Concept – a reputable B2B cold email agency.

This partnership has proven to be a game-changer for Valona Intelligence, as it aimed to maximize lead generation efforts through a strategic approach. In just a short period of 10 weeks, the company achieved an impressive 240% surge in lead generation compared to previous endeavors.

Proven Concept’s bespoke approach allowed for the identification of target audiences, alignment with the unique value proposition, and crafting compelling email messages that led to a higher open rate and click-through rate.

The partnership ensured the tapping of extraordinary potential customer pools, fueling business growth and expanding market reach. Proven Concept’s expertise in B2B cold email marketing enabled Valona Intelligence to nurture potential clients, encouraging optimal engagement and conversions. This collaboration highlights the effectiveness of personalized outreach and data-driven strategies, and Valona Intelligence looks forward to continued success with Proven Concept.

Customer Feedback

B2B Email Lead Generation Specialists

Valona Intelligence’s focus is on catering to the needs of senior executives and strategic decision makers of businesses with over 200 employees, that ideally is in a phase of growth.

Proven Concept’s team of skilled copywriters artfully tailored a sequence of email campaigns that were meticulously designed to cater to Valona Intelligence’s intended audience. These bespoke emails were expertly composed with the purpose of enlightening prospective customers about the extensive range of advantages that Valona’s groundbreaking solutions offer. The primary objective of the campaigns was to encourage potential clients to make contact and arrange either a face-to-face meeting or an online platform demonstration with Valona’s team.

Our company is proud to have implemented a segmentation strategy that proved to be highly successful for our client, Valona. Based on criteria such as location, industry, company size, and job title, we organized their contact information, enabling us to send personalized emails to targeted segments. The result was a significant increase in both open and click-through rates, as well as a boost in the relevance of every campaign. Our approach, leveraging the power of segmentation, contributed to the overall improvement of our client’s email marketing efforts. We are committed to continuing to provide effective and efficient solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Our team conducted A/B testing to evaluate multiple subject lines, email content, and calls-to-action, resulting in a more refined campaign and optimal results. We utilized various elements to experiment with and maximize the efficiency of our marketing strategies.

Our team successfully implemented real-time reporting solutions for Valona Intelligence, enabling our client to gain valuable insights on campaign performance. Through a data-driven approach, we were able to provide our client with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and adjust their strategies as required. In doing so, our efforts have resulted in significant improvements in their campaign outcomes.

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