B2B Email Lead Generation Referrals

Introducers now receive 10% commission upfront (and for life!)

We love referrals! Who doesn’t!? Because, even as a leading B2B email agency generating hundreds of amazing leads every week, we still find referrals and introductions just that little bit more exciting!

Our industry-leading referrals scheme puts customers and their friends first!

Not only does the customer benefit from Guaranteed lead volumes, a 30 day pilot and complimentary contact data.  But their introducer also receives 10% commission upfront – and for the lifetime of the deal!

How It Works

Step 1
Introducer fills the form below

Simply jot the details letting us know about you and the referred party.

Step 2
We contact the prospect and engage them in a trial

We'll do the leg work, ensure they're a good fit and offer them a paid trial.

Step 3
You receive your first commission payment

Once the prospect pays for their trial, we'll pay your 10% within two working days.  Commissions can be paid via bank transfer or Paypal. 

Step 4
Campaign renews: you receive recurring commissions

Once the customer renews, you'll receive a further 10% within two working days. And then every month thereafter for the lifetime of their campaign. 

What’s required by Introducers?

We do have some basic terms that we ask of parties referring business to us:

1/ You must know the prospect, personally and directly

2/ They must operate in a B2B capacity

3/ They must have expressed a need for B2B lead gen within the prior three months

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Otherwise, feel free to get started by completing the form below. We thank you in advance and look forward to a long, happy and prosperous relationship.

B2B Email Lead Generation Introduction Form

Your Details (The Introducer)

Their Details (The Party You Are Referring)