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Human Copywriters Vs ChatGPT:

The Battle For B2B Email Supremacy


We LOVE ChatGPT!  I mean, what’s not to love?  

It’s the perfect solution for finding answers to all of life’s questions, discovering fantastic recipes, or fixing pesky website issues. The possibilities are truly endless.

As a data-driven B2B email lead generation agency, we’re always looking for ways to improve our campaigns and deliver exceptional results to our valued customers. We thrive on trying new things and exploring different avenues.

That’s why we embarked on an exciting journey, pitting our skilled human copywriters against the world’s leading AI chatbot. Our goal? To determine who truly deserves the title of the best email lead generation performer.

But can ChatGPT beat the performance of skilled human copywriters?


Join us as we dive into the ultimate battle of intelligence and creativity, where human ingenuity meets cutting-edge AI technology. Get ready to witness the showdown that could redefine the future of email lead generation.

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When preparing for this study, our team identified a number of important factors to consider:

We needed a clear and specific objective for the study. In this case, it was a simple question: If we sent 1 million emails split evenly between AI and humans, which would generate the most leads?

We ensured the data collected was accurate, relevant, and reliable to the objective. To achieve fairness, we chose to conduct the experiment as concurrent AB tests (AI versus humans) across every industry and campaign included in the study.

The experiment ran for six weeks to ensure statistically significant results and to minimize bias that could be influenced by sending emails in specific weeks or months of the year.

To avoid bias, we outsourced the data analysis to a third-party service provider. This decision was made because our human team had a vested interest in winning and it could have financial implications.

The study involved a dozen customer campaigns, and we obtained written consent from all customers to use AI experimentation for the purpose of performance innovation.

By considering these factors, the appointed analyst was able to conduct a reliable data study that provided valuable insights and contributed to advancing knowledge in this field.

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Human Copywriters Vs ChatGPT: The Battle For B2B Email Supremacy

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