Our B2B Email Results Guarantee

We will guarantee the number and quality of leads generated within the first 30 days of full-cadence sending under our services. If we are unable to achieve the results that we have guaranteed, we will offer you all of your money back within 2 working days or a second month of service for free (your choice).

Guarantee 1

How It Works

Guarantee 2


Tell us about your goals and objectives. We’ll advise what we can offer and see if there’s a good fit. 

Guarantee 3


Our Proposal will include our recommendations, costings and minimum performance Guarantee.


Guarantee 4


Campaigns begin with a warming period and a full-cadence trial period (typically 30 days each) so customers can test our services without commitment.

Guarantee 5

Guarantee Review

Customer can review activity and decide if they wish to continue, pause or activate the Guarantee to receive a full refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading provider of B2B email lead generation services, we understand that all customers have choice. And it’s important for us to demonstrate why customers should choose us and trust us to represent and serve their business.

Our Guarantee is one of the features under our service offering that shows customers we are professional, reliable and committed to their success.

Under our services, a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) is defined as:

  • a suitable contact at a suitable company (as defined by the Customer in their audience profiling)
  • that has understood the offering and
  • has followed the call to action or asked to engage with the Customer’s business within the following 28 days (a positive expression of commercial interest)

Inbox or domain warming is a process that prepares for an email lead generation campaign and supports best performance and high but safe send rates. It involves starting with small send volumes and gradually increasing over time.  Each case can be different and there are factors that affect how long it takes to warm a domain. For a new or cold domain, we typically find 30 days as a suitable timeframe.

This is possibly one of the most important questions, because if an email lead generation campaign is not profitable, or does not present much hope of being profitable, there’s probably not much point doing it. 

We’ve built a handy tool which helps customers understand the returns they should be expecting an email lead generation campaign:

ROI Calculator