Boost Your Business's Open Rates with These Proven Strategies

Is your business struggling with low open rates? 

Look no further than our guide below to help you build a more engaging email and grab your prospect’s attention.

There are many reasons for a low open rate, which is why it is essential to understand all the hindering factors that will help you maximise your email marketing campaign. Following these effective tips will ultimately increase interaction with your audience and help reach your company’s full potential through successful communication. 

Poor Subject Line

Even if your email is successfully delivered, a poor subject line could still lead to low open rates. Your recipient may still decide not to open the email based on the subject line alone.

According to research, 47% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone. Highlighting just how important a subject line can impact an open rate.

Keeping a subject line short and to the point will heavily impact the open rate. The ideal length for an email subject line is between 6 to 10 words or 50 characters, demonstrating the importance of including only essential information to make the prospect want to find out more.

Inappropriate Timing

Timing is still important even if your email is delivered. If you send your email at a time when your target audience is unlikely to be checking their inbox, it may still go unopened. It is important to schedule emails for when clients are most likely to be looking at their emails, a good example is within working hours to capitalise on more opportunities.

Low-Quality List

If your email list contains irrelevant or outdated contacts, even if the email is delivered, it’s less likely to be opened. The recipient may not recognise your brand or may not be interested in the content you are offering. This will also need consistent analysis to see which audiences the marketing campaign is targeting best. Keep on top of the data and do not be afraid to explore different markets if needed.

Lack of Personalisation

Personalisation can still impact open rates even if the email is successfully delivered. A lack of personalisation can make your email seem generic and less interesting to the recipient.

Furthermore, research shows emails with personalised subject lines have a 26% higher open rate than those without. Demonstrating that connecting with an audience on a personal level can heavily influence a reader’s decision to open an email.

Here are a couple of questions to consider when working on personalising your subject lines:

  • What are some best practices for personalisation? For example, avoid using a generic salutation like “Dear Valued Customer,” and ensure that the data you are using for personalisation is accurate and up-to-date.
  • How can you use personalisation beyond the subject line? Consider incorporating it in the email copy to create a more personalised experience for your audience.

Remember, personalisation should enhance the reader’s experience, be sure to keep it relevant, respectful, and valuable to your audience.

Lack of Value Proposition

If your email fails to communicate the value proposition of your product or service, even if it is delivered, it may not be opened. The recipient may not see the benefit of reading your email.

It is essential to grab the attention of a reader through a subject or email copy, this is why there needs to be a clear and obvious unique selling point which will peak the audience’s interest. By outlining the benefits of your product/service distinctively, will result in a higher chance of engagement.

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Spam Filters

If your email is successfully delivered but still gets flagged as spam, it may end up in the spam folder and never be seen by the recipient. This demonstrates that avoiding a spam folder is crucial to have a successful marketing campaign as we want everyone in the target audience to receive the email.

There are many contributing factors involved within spam filters but by using verified sender domains, avoiding suspicious attachments, and following best practices for email content, you can increase the likelihood of your emails reaching their intended recipients.

Sender Reputation

Sender reputation can still impact open rates even if the email is delivered. If your email address or domain has a poor reputation, the recipient may be less likely to open the email due to concerns about the sender’s credibility. Therefore, taking appropriate time for warming a domain and avoiding spam filters will allow the audience to receive more emails sent out gradually.

Email Frequency

If you’re sending too many emails, your audience may be experiencing email fatigue, causing them to ignore or delete your emails. Scheduling emails a couple of days apart will give the audience time to read them and give a more human feel to emailing. Overwhelming the reader with emails will decrease interest in the specific service/product which shows how efficient emailing will positively impact a marketing campaign.

Email Content

The content of your email may not be interesting or relevant to your target audience, leading to low open rates. That is why it is crucial to involve the correct information that a specific audience will be interested in. Therefore, promoting a service/product successfully will rely on the client knowing what information will be relevant to the target audience and keen to engage.


Your recipients may be receiving a high volume of emails from competitors, making it difficult for your email to stand out. Hence why a correct and effective target audience must be selected for the campaign, as well as a successful marketing strategy that will grab the reader’s attention instead of competitors.

Email Design

The design of your email may not be visually appealing, causing recipients to overlook it. Moreover, email copy length is a crucial element in email marketing campaigns. Too long, and your readers may lose interest and abandon the email. Too short, and you may not provide enough information to convince them to take action. This is why testing different variants will be key in identifying the correct email format for your audience.

Device Compatibility

Your email may not be optimised for different devices and email clients, resulting in display issues that deter recipients from opening it. Making it crucial to apply a format that will be seen as professional on all devices.

Industry Trends

It is vital to keep updated with current markets to be aware of changes in industry trends, seasonal fluctuations, or world events that can affect email open rates. Optimising on current affairs can be very beneficial to a business as this information will always be relevant and useful. Therefore, consistent research on your own specific industry markets will allow you to create engaging emails clients are interested in.

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It is essential to understand all the determining factors which go into the decision of a reader to ultimately open an email. As you can see, there is not always one single reason for a low open rate but analysing all these elements and applying them to your email marketing campaign will help you gain an edge in a competitive market. Furthermore, implementing each aspect highlighted above will increase interest, engagement and interactions with all audiences in different industries to benefit your own business.

At Proven Concept, we understand the importance of a high open rate and what methods an email strategy needs to perform this. This blog will help you take a step in the right direction to achieve this and our team of experts can develop your business through effective techniques of email marketing. Contact us today to learn more about creating a brighter digital marketing future.

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