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Looking for an award-winning B2B lead generation agency that guarantees results?

With our Risk-Free Warranty, it's time for you to join the hundreds of smart businesses already enjoying outstanding lead generation results.

100% Guaranteed Results

We understand that generating high quality leads is essential for your business to grow. 

We also understand how much choice there is available to you. 

Which is why we do everything we can to show our customers that we’re the real deal. 

Because plenty of companies can talk the talk. 

But can they really walk the walk?

We don’t always win. We’ve had to give plenty of customers their money back. 

But we’re great at what we do and we win a lot more than we lose.  Plus, when we do win, we tend to keep those customers happy for life. 

So in the long run, everybody wins. Which for us, is what great business is about. 

Here's some of the other benefits we also like to offer

Guaranteed Results

We deliver guaranteed results or give all your money back.


We can help with all your marketing needs under one roof.

30 Day Contracts

Don't you hate it when somebody tries to tie you for their own benefit? Us too.

Competitive Pricing

We know what our competitors charge and we know we give better value.

Same Day Setup

Need speed? We can have you set up and running within 24 hours.

Free Analytics Setup

We'll configure all your analytics and tags for free.

Free Landing Pages

Increase your campaign performance with our complimentary WordPress pages.

Dedicated AMs

Meet our award-winning Account Managers ready to drive your success.

Real-time Reporting

Get all the metrics you need in tidy reports for instant decision making.

Let's face it, finding a great lead generation agency isn't easy...

But finding the right one could really help your business out.

We've worked pretty hard to grab your attention and attract you to our website.

So, how about we share a conversation and see if we're a good fit?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that choosing a Lead Generation Agency can be tough. There’s just so much choice and everyone’s promising ‘this’ and offering ‘that’.  But what does it all mean? At Proven Concept, we try to cut through the noise and offer our customers a more simple approach to things.  Below is a hand full of the most common questions our prospects ask us.

We know that all customers have choice.  And lots of it.  Which is why we’ve invested lots of effort into improving our business and the value we bring to customers and their Email marketing results. 

Not only are we very successful at generating fantastic results. We also guarantee the results for our customers. Removing all risk for them and meaning if we’re unable to do what we say we’ll do, our customer receives their money back. 

In short, we want to do everything we can to remove risk for our customer and deliver them assurances. 

The guarantee we offer may be different for each customer. Depending on their previous marketing activities, available analytics data and our experience within their market. 

After a free Email marketing consultation, we will be able to understand your needs and perform the suitable research with a view to providing a proposal and guarantee. 

Our 10 years of experience in successful Email Marketing programmes helps us to understand the types of marketing campaigns that we believe could be successful.

We’re not always right.

But when we find a customer with the characteristics that we feel are important, we put our stamp on our Email Marketing proposal with a results guarantee.

If we aren’t able to hit the results, our customer receives their money back within 2 working days. 

We won’t always be right. And many times before we’ve had to return customers their money.

But it’s our way of showing customers we’re serious about their Email Marketing success.