How It Works

Our tried and tested processes have helped hundreds of businesses experience the benefits of B2B email lead generation.
b2b email lead generation how it works
Step 1

Understanding your needs

Presenting our services

Discussing target audience

Pricing & timelines

Step 2

Confirming your objectives

Presenting our proposal

Covering questions

Agreeing campaign plan & timelines

Step 3

Configuring domain and mailbox

Arranging target audiences

Generating email copy

Signing off campaign launch

Step 4
Domain warming

Low to moderate send rates

Gradually increasing

Building positive reputation with ESPs

Supporting best deliverability & performance

Some leads expected

Step 5

60-day pilot

Optimum send rates & deliverability

Maximum leads generated

Weekly reporting

Step 6

End-of-pilot review

Leads and CPA analysis

Campaign debriefing

Until you begin receiving marketing qualified leads…

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