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Welcome to Proven Concept! We’re a B2B Email Lead Generation Agency that specialises in helping businesses of all sizes generate high-quality leads through targeted B2B email campaigns.

b2b email lead generation how it works

Our tried and tested processes begin with a thorough analysis of your objectives, target audience and industry. We work with you to understand your specific needs and goals, and use this information to craft customised and effective B2B outreach campaigns that resonate and engage with your target market.

Step 1
Objectives and Targeting

Our tried and tested process begins with a thorough analysis of our objectives, target audience and industry. We work with you to understand your specific needs and goals, and use this information to craft a customized email campaign that will resonate with your target market.

What does our customer wish to achieve from using our services?

What types of contacts and companies make up their ideal target audience? 

Are there specific contacts and companies that should be suppressed from activity?

Step 2
Domains and Mailboxes

When it comes to email outreach, the domain and mailbox prefix you choose can have a significant impact on the performance of your campaigns. Our team will share advice and industry-best practice to set you up for success.

What domains do our customer have available? 

Do these domains have a sending history and clean reputation?

Would our customer prefer to use their main website domain or a separate one?

Step 3
Copywriting and Approvals

Email copy is an essential part of any email outreach campaign. It's the message that you send to your recipients, and it's what will determine whether they engage with your emails.  Our experienced copywriters will work with our customer to produce effective copy they are happy with and will reach the prospect's inboxes.

Who is our email copy targeting?

What are their usual needs and pain points?

What action would we like them to follow? 

Step 4
Inbox Monitoring and Reporting

Our Account Managers monitor the inboxes of customers' mailboxes to ensure all Marketing Qualified Leads are forwarded quickly and suppression/unsubscribe requests are processed correctly. This is important because it allows our customers to focus on their priority tasks knowing we have everything covered.

Our Campaign Reports are produced weekly and provide valuable insights around campaign performance. 

Which mail client does our customer like to use?

Does our definition of a Marketing Qualified Lead match the customers' objectives?

Who within our customers business shall we forward leads and reports to?

Step 5
Domain Warming

Domain warming is the process of gradually building up the reputation of a new email domain before sending out a large volume of emails. This is done to ensure that the domain has a good reputation with email servers and providers, and to increase the performance of emails reaching the inbox and generating leads.

Our campaigns begin with a complimentary warming phase. This is usually 30 days but can sometimes be shorter on request.

Can our customer allow 30 days warming to support best possible campaign performance?

Is our customer ready to begin engaging prospects leads if they are generated in the warming phase?

Step 6
Full-Cadence Phase

After the complimentary domain warming comes the 30-day full-cadence phase. This is when emails are sent at top volume and the greatest number of leads are generated. 

Is our customer ready to engage with all leads generated?

Is our customer clear on their sales process and how they will measure impact or ROI from our services?

Step 7
Guarantee Review

On completion of the Full-Cadence Phase, our customer is asked to review performance and confirm if they would like to continue using our services. 

Our Contract will include a Minimum Level Guarantee on the quantity and quality of leads generated by this point.  If the minimum level has not been hit, our customer receives all their money back within 2 working days.

Has the minimum Guaranteed quantity and quality of leads been hit?

Does the customer expect to generate a Return on Investment (ROI) from our services?

Would the customer like to continue with our services?

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