Our Marketing Services Guarantee

What it is and how it works.

As a provider of digital marketing and lead generation services, we understand that all customers have choice. And it’s important for us to demonstrate to customers why they should trust us to represent and serve their business.

Several months ago, we began a pilot campaign offering new customers a results guarantee in the trial period of their contracts. We are pleased to say that the pilot has been so successful, we have decided to make the guarantee a permanent feature in our business offering.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we don’t win on every campaign. We’ve had to return plenty of customers their money because the trial didn’t yield the results we expected.

However, we are fantastic at what we do and we found that we generated many more successful campaigns than the ones we had to return money on. So for us and our customers, it has been an absolute win/win arrangement!

Here's how the Guarantee works


Share a brief conversation with a member of our team to discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit.


We perform our internal research and provide you with our proposal including costings and guarantee. 



Tell us once you wish to go ahead and we’ll set up and run the campaign pilot.


If we don’t hit the agreed target, you receive your money back within 2 working days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that choosing a marketing agency can be tough. There’s just so much choice and everyone’s promising different things.  But what does it all mean? At Proven Concept, we try to cut through the noise and offer our customers a more simple approach.  Below is a handful of the most common questions our prospects ask us.

Proven Concept is a digital marketing agency based in Portsmouth on the UK’s sunny south coast.

We’re a small and passionate marketing team (currently 8 members) and we really love what we do. 

Formed in 2012, our main expertise lies in email lead generation, PPC management, SEO and content. We also offer other services including web design and social media management, which supplement the fantastic results we regularly generate.

We understand that all customers have choice, and lots of it.  Which is why we’re committed to delivering the best value to our customers we possibly can. This includes minimum performance guarantees, dedicated experienced Account Managers and outstanding results. 

We’ve studied our competitors and we know that a marketing agency guaranteeing results is pretty hard to come by. 

In short, we want to do everything we can to remove risk for our customer and deliver them assurances. 

The guarantee we offer may be different for each customer. Depending on their previous marketing activities, available analytics data and our experience within their market. 

After a free Email marketing consultation, we will be able to understand your needs and perform the suitable research with a view to providing a proposal and guarantee. 

Our 10 years of experience in successful Email Marketing programmes helps us to understand the types of marketing campaigns that we believe could be successful.

We’re not always right.

But when we find a customer with the characteristics that we feel are important, we put our stamp on our Email Marketing proposal with a results guarantee.

If we aren’t able to hit the results, our customer receives their money back within 2 working days. 

We won’t always be right. And many times before we’ve had to return customers their money.

But it’s our way of showing customers we’re serious about their success.