10 Ways Paid Search Engine Marketing Will Help SMEs Achieve Their Business Goals

10 Ways Paid Search Engine Marketing Will Help SMEs Achieve Their Business Goals 1

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Paid Search can Generate New Leads,
  • How it can Increase Direct Sales,
  • How it can be Easy to Measure,
  • How it can Give you Full Control over Your Spending.
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So, What is Paid Search?

Paid Search is the form of paid advertising that you see when you search for something on Google, Bing or Yahoo! Search.

Paid Search was essentially one of the first types of online ads, and it’s still one of the most popular.

Paid Search advertising is the process of promoting your business to relevant traffic via paid distribution channels like Google Ads, Bing Ads etc. Paid Search is an ad on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) that appears above or to the side of organic results. You only pay when someone clicks through on one of your ads.

So let’s take a look at how Paid Search advertising can help you and your business.

1. How it Can Generate New Leads

One of the main advantages of Paid Search is that it can generate a large number of new leads very quickly. Paid Search allows you to target people who are already interested in what you do – they’re actively searching for your product or service on Google, so they’re much more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Paid Search helps you build a targeted list of leads that are much more likely to buy than cold traffic. Paid Search ads are created using keywords, which represent the problem or search query your prospective customer has. Paid Search campaigns are built around high-performance keywords, which can help you to get more targeted traffic of higher quality.

2. How it Can Increase Direct Sales

Paid Search is also great for increasing direct sales – when someone clicks through on your ad and buys something from your website, you know that they’re already interested in what you have to offer, so there’s a much lower risk of them being unhappy with their purchase.

In fact, Paid Search is often one of the most cost-effective ways to generate sales, as you only pay when someone clicks through on your ad. Paid Search advertising allows you to target people who are already interested in what you do, so you’re much more likely to make a sale.

3. How it Can Create Immediate Impact

Many advertising campaigns can take months to generate results, which is not ideal when you need to make an impact in a short amount of time. But with Paid Search, you can build your ads within minutes and start promoting them right away.

Paid Search is great for any advertising campaign that requires speed – launching new products or services, advertising events. Of course, Paid Search is fast. Paid Search ads are served instantly to your chosen audience – so regardless of whether you’ve got an existing customer base or not, Paid Search can help get the word out quickly about your product or service.

4. How it Can Be Easy to Measure

Paid Search is also very measurable – you can easily track how much your ad spend is generating in additional revenue, allowing you to optimise your campaigns over time. Plus because Paid Search ads are created using keywords, you’ll be able to see which words and phrases are working best for you.

Paid Search enables you to see exactly how well your ad is performing, at every stage of the customer journey. You can track everything from how much revenue your ads are generating to how many visitors are clicking through on your website.

5. How you Will Pay for Performance

One of the biggest advantages of Paid Search is that you will only pay for performance – as long as your ad has been clicked on, then you’ll be charged. This is called Cost-Per-Click (CPC) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC). So when an ad isn’t clicked on, it’s not costing you anything.

Paid Search allows you to only pay for success – you’ll only pay when your ads are clicked on by people interested in what they find. So there’s minimal risk of wasting money if the ad is not effective.

6. How it Can Give you Control Over your Sales Funnel

Paid Search enables you to control every stage of the customer journey, from awareness to purchase. You can target people at different stages of the buying process, and use a variety of different ad formats to appeal to them.

You can also use remarketing – which allows you to show ads to people who have already visited your website – to ensure that you’re reaching as many potential customers as possible. Paid Search gives you full control over your sales funnel, so you can ensure that you’re targeting the right people with the right ads.

7. How it Can Help with Tactical Timing

Paid Search is a great option for any business looking to advertise at the right time – you can set up your PPC campaign to run all year round, or just during specific times of the year.

Paid Search allows you to create ads that target specific people at specific times of the day or during specific seasonal/industry events. You can use this functionality to ensure that your business is always making the most of your advertising budget.

8. How it Can Give you Full Control Over your Spending

Paid Search ads allow you to control the maximum amount that you will be charged for an ad click – so if there’s a keyword or group of words that aren’t working for you, you can limit how much they cost.

You can also choose how much you want to spend on each day, ensuring that your campaigns stay within budget. This level of control over your spending is something that’s not available with many other forms of advertising.

9. How it Can Help Develop Deep Data Sets

Paid Search is a great way to gather data about your customers and prospects. By analysing the data - such as demographic information, behavioural data and language preferences - you can gain key insights into your target market.

Paid Search enables you to gather in-depth information about your consumers and potential customers, which in turn allows for more efficient targeting and better business results.

10. How it Can Help Build your Brand Awareness

Paid Search is also a great way to build your brand awareness. By advertising on general search engines such as Google and Bing you can raise awareness of your business in the minds of people who may not have heard of you before.

Paid Search gives you access to millions of potential customers, many of whom would never have heard about your business otherwise. Often the best way to generate new leads is through brand awareness - Paid Search helps your business to achieve this.


Paid Search engine marketing is a great way to achieve your business goals, whether you're looking to generate new leads, increase direct sales or simply raise brand awareness.

By using Paid Search, businesses can target people at different stages of the buying process, control their spending and gather in-depth data about their consumers.

Having a fully optimised Paid Search campaign you can increase your chances of finding new customers and improving the performance of your business. Paid Search is an excellent way for businesses to meet and exceed their marketing and advertising goals, and as such, it's certainly worth considering.

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