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All our B2B email lead generation campaigns begin with a 30-day paid trial. 

What's Included in our trials?

Free setup
Free DNS configuration
Access to powerful dedicated IPs
Free domain warming
Drip-fed campaigns
Using customer-owned domain
Expert copywriting
Dedicated onboarding & campaign management
Free contact data (within your ideal customer profile)
30-day full-sending trial
Money-back results Guarantee
If we don’t hit the agreed number and quality of leads, you’ll receive a full refund within 2 days.
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What next?

Please see Our Packages to ensure you are comfortable with pricing and features for the trial.


Then schedule a call with our team through the booking calendar below. 

During the call, our experts will discuss your objectives and ideal customer profile (ICP). 

If we believe there is a good fit, we will send your proposal for a trial within 2 working days. 

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