The Guide to Google Ads Campaigns

The Guide to Google Ads Campaigns 1

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What are the main Google Ads campaign types?
  • How long does it take Google Ads to show results?
  • When should businesses consider Google Ads campaigns?
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Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is Google’s advertising service

which can be used to show ads on Google search results, Google Maps, Google+, Gmail and many other Google services.

Although Google Ads is the main Google campaign management tool for advertisements, Google Ads campaigns can also be run in conjunction with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Google Analytics can track how effective Google advertising is on your website, to have this report, Google Analytics has to be installed first.

Google Ads campaigns can be used in many different ways including building brand awareness, generating more enquiries, driving traffic to the website and building the brand (when setting up any campaign, you can choose the specific goal that you want to achieve). These campaigns can only be created by Google Ads advertisers, which does require a Google account. Check out our blog post all about how to create a Google Ads account.

Continue reading to find out what the different Google Ads campaigns are and what they can be used for. As always, if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

What are the Main Google Ads campaign types?

In Google Ads, a campaign is a group of ads that share the same Google Ads account and budget. Google offers several different types of campaigns, each with their own unique advantages and functions.

Google Ads offers you a multitude of choices when it comes to setting up your Google Ads campaigns. Google has many different campaign types, and each one of them can be beneficial in its own way for your business. Google Ads Account Managers can choose from different campaign types; Search, Display, Video, Shopping, App, Smart, Local and Discovery

– Search Campaign: Google Ads Search campaigns show your ads only on Google Search results pages, at the top and/or bottom of the results page. This type of campaign is designed to make users aware of your business. Account Managers can target customers based on their age, gender, location, interests, devices, and more, so you can really personalise your campaign down to the minute details.

– Display Campaign: Google Ads Display campaigns show your ads on other websites around the web and in Google apps (YouTube, Google Maps). Display ads may appear as banner or skyscraper (rectangular) ads or as text-only ads with an image or image with text. Google Display campaigns are also called ‘Remarketing’.

– Video Campaign: Google Ads Video campaigns let you show ads to people watching YouTube videos or Google video partners. Video Ads are highly engaging, which means they can make a significant impact on your campaigns performance.

– Shopping Campaign: Google Ads Shopping campaigns help you promote your products on Google search results pages. Shopping campaigns also have the option of appearing on the Google Display Network.

– App Campaign: Google Ads App campaigns lets you promote your App on Google Play and Google Search, this is a good combination for website owners who want to get more visitors to their mobile apps.

– Smart Campaign: Google Ads Smart campaigns automatically find the best keywords and placements for your ad group. You can specify a few settings and then Google optimises them over time based on performance data.

– Local Campaign: Google Ads Local campaigns show your ads to people close to specific locations, Google will automatically set up this campaign if you have Google My Business pages.

– Discovery Campaign: Google Ads Discovery Ad campaigns let you reach consumers when they’re interested in specific categories on YouTube or the Google Display Network.

How Long Does it Take Google Ads to Show Results?

Google Ads results are usually visible after one or two weeks. Google Ads work best for advertisers who want to generate more enquiries, build brand awareness and drive customer traffic. As a Digital Marketing agency, we are always lead by the data so it is important to leave a campaign running until you have enough data to make qualified decisions.

Google Ads campaigns can be paused at any time if a campaign isn’t delivering expected results. Google Ads work best for websites that have a healthy amount of traffic and high conversion rates.

How Long Should Google Ads Campaigns Run For?

Google Ads campaigns can run anywhere from about a week to months or even years. Google Ads lets you manage how long each campaign should run for, based on your budget and goal. The default duration Google Ads chooses is 30 days, but Google recommends running ads for between 1-9 months depending on the goals of your campaign.

For example if your goal is to increase Google Reviews, Google Ads will recommend running ads for 9 months. If your goal is to generate more phone calls from interested customers, Google Ads will recommend running ads for 1-2 months.

When Should Businesses Consider Google Ads Campaigns?

Google Ads campaigns are a great way to advertise a business's products or services to new customers and existing clients who Google specific keywords that relate to the service or product being advertised. Google Ads campaigns are extremely targeted, easy to set up and very cost effective which is why they have become so popular.

Google Ads campaigns also let you specify your goals and how much you want to spend per day. Google lets you specify certain locations and devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops that you want to target using Google Ads.

Google Ads campaigns are always getting better and provide amazing opportunities for businesses. Google Ads are constantly changing (nearly every week!) so feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.


Google Ads campaigns can be a powerful tool for driving sales and leads to your business, but they’re not always easy to set up or optimise. If you want help setting up Google Ads campaigns that will get results for your business or you would like to ask a few questions, our team is ready and waiting! Get in touch today.

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