Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate Your Mind

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PPC is forever changing and with more than 40% of brands wanting to increase their PPC budget, it is now more important than ever to keep up-to-date with current trends and strategies.

Here I’ll show you the top 10 PPC blogs you should be following.

Being a PPC marketer, you should relentlessly find ways to make sure that your clients get the desired results. There is much more to pay-per-click marketing beyond the popular concepts like Quality Score, Cost-Per-Click and Keywords. So, where do you learn?

Top 10 Blogs To Teach You About PPC

1. The Google Ads Blog
2. Search Engine Land
3. PPC Hero
4. Wordstream
5. Unbounce
6. Neil Patel
7. The Moz Blog
8. BG Theory
9. CPC Strategy
10. Adespresso
Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 1

1. Google Ads: Official Blog

This is, well, Google Ad’s official blog. It would make sense that following updates on here is going to be pretty vital. Google owns 71% of the search market share and has the world’s largest online display advertising network. It’s no wonder so many marketers are turning to Google Ads to increase their traffic and revenue.

The Google Ads Official Blog will not only keep you up to speed with new features and changes, but it will also help teach you these tips and techniques to have a better understanding of PPC advertising.

Stand-out Post: This one is well worth a read, check it out! 

Drive better results: An insider’s look at the latest Google Ads.

2. Search Engine Land

Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 2

Search Engine Land is a great one to follow because they have A LOT of guest bloggers, meaning that there is always a constant flow of content being uploaded. This is one that can be checked daily and they are always quick to announce any PPC industry news.

If you’d like to delve even deeper into PPC (who wouldn’t?), then their sister site Search Engine Watch is great for all types of paid advertising including Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Stand-out Post: Here's two recommendations for you from Search Engine Land:  1. The most critical Google Ads (AdWords) trends of 2019
2. Tips to maximise ROI on paid social: Facebook + Instagram.

Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 3

3. PPC Hero

PPC Hero is the blog of Hanapin Marketing, who are leaders in search marketing and the fact they separate their blog from their website is interesting in itself.

They will teach you everything you need to know about PPC, from the very basics to the more advanced bidding techniques and auditing. The great thing about PPC Hero is the ease of working your way around the site. Their menu has a topics section so you can easily navigate to the area you are interested in learning about.

Stand-out Post: Struggling to find out where to start with an account audit?

The complete PPC account audit guide.

Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 4

4. Wordstream

WordStream is one of the most followed marketing blogs around. You can filter the content down to whatever category you choose and can even pick a favourite author if you like their particular writing style.

One of my favourite things about WordStream is that most of their content is backed up by their own personal case studies, providing answers and results to whatever queries you may have. They are industry leaders and you can trust their content to be trustworthy and reliable, (which is probably why they show organically on Google for almost any PPC query).

Stand-out Post: It is time for you to understand the detail! 

How to streamline reporting with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 5

5. Unbounce: Official Blog

Unbounce is a landing page and content optimisation blog (which we all know is vital for a great quality score in Google Ads).

The great thing about Unbounce is that because they have chosen a specific niche, they are absolute experts in that field; landing page optimisation. You will read different articles that aim to help you design the best converting landing pages for your campaigns including examples, layouts, insights and strategies.

Stand-out Post: Do your copywriting skills need a bit of sharpening?

How to write the best Google Ads copy & back it up on landing pages.

Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 6

6. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a leading marketing agency focussed on helping clients achieve fantastic ROI. You can probably guess who founded the company, right? Neil Patel is a New York Times best selling author and before creating his current marketing agency in 2017, he founded another very popular analytics start-up called Kissmetrics.

On the Neil Patel blog you will find content for all types of digital marketing, which consists of a healthy range of blogs and video lessons. You will find everything you need from the very basics to the more advanced niches.

Stand-out Post: Take your online traffic offline...

6 Google AdWords hacks to drive more local foot traffic

Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 7

7. The Moz Blog

Moz are specialists in SEO, however they still have a great PPC blog which often links the benefits of using SEO and PPC in conjunction with each other. You will find a wide range of content to browse through and their good reputation means that you can trust that what you are reading is reliable.

They also do ‘whiteboard Friday’, where every Friday they post an in depth tutorial video about different subjects each week. If you’re into your SEO as well, then Moz also offer a lot of free tools you can use to help optimise this part of your marketing as well.

Stand-out Post: Paid Traffic Vs Organic Traffic. Discover the secrets.

How Google AdWords (PPC) does and doesn’t affect organic results

Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 8

8. BG Theory

Brad Geddes is an official Google Ads Seminar Leader (one of two) and is the author of ‘Advanced Google AdWords’. He is probably one of the most knowledgeable experts in PPC so his content is considered extremely valuable.

He offers a lot of free webinars and also runs Google Ads workshops so you can be sure to learn a lot from him. Although Brad does cater for beginners, I’d say that this blog is for those who are a bit more advanced in the field.

Stand-out Post: Artificial Intelligence, how clever is it really?

The stats behind AI bidding & learn about leveraging AI for your PPC Ads

Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 9

9. CPC Strategy

CPC Strategy specialises in performance growth on shopping campaigns. With e-commerce slowly taking over high street shopping it is really important to understand how PPC advertising can have a direct impact on your (or your clients) profitability. Their blog itself focuses on Google and Amazon shopping ads. They also provide insider knowledge of how to best optimise your campaigns and the ultimate do’s and don’ts to make sure you maintain a highly productive campaign.

CPC Strategy is by far the best blog to follow if e-commerce and shopping campaigns is the area in which you are learning.

Stand-out Post: Selling online, learn to best strategies to dominate the field!

Top e-commerce merchandising tactics to drive conversions in 2019

Top 10 PPC Blogs to Educate your Mind 10

10. Adespresso

Adespresso was created by Hootsuite, who host a platform for managing social media. Their blog is highly focused on Facebook & Instagram ads and how SME’s can make them profitable for their companies. You will get all the information you need on how to create effective paid social ads and gain new insights into how to best optimize your campaigns. They tailor their posts to beginners and more advanced marketers, so there is something for everyone to read and learn.

On the Adespresso blog you won’t just find articles but also guides, eBooks and webinar. Whatever your learning style, you’ll be sure to find it here!

Stand-out Post: If you've been searching with no luck, here's the answers!

How to find the best audiences to target on Facebook


So there you have it. The top 10 PPC blogs you need to follow, it’s now up to you to get learning and update your already existing knowledge. Remember, PPC is always changing and ever evolving so it is important to be checking PPC news updates at a minimum of weekly.

If you’d like to learn more why not contact us? Or take a look at our PPC services if you think we’d be a match for your marketing.

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